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Hi James and Kathy! Hope you are well! Here are some pictures of Fitz from Zoe and JR's litter January 2019. Isn't he gorgeous! We love him so much! He's the sweetest dog we have ever had! Take care! Suzi 

PS we have been looking at the beautiful puppies on your website!

Thought I would share!!  She is doing GREAT!!

She is just a little spoiled!!

The Wedward Family~

Hi - we wanted to provide an update on how our boxer puppy is doing. We named her Wynnie and she fits in perfectly with our family. She is very gentle and super sweet. She enjoys playing with our almost one year old son and they share a lot of toys together. I’ve included some pictures of her!

Thank you!


Tristan Gerrety

Our 4 kids are so excited to have Goose home!  And he is loving them so well.

Hello!!! Just figured we would send a one year old picture of Kobe.  He has been a wonderful dog and we are in love with him!!! Hope you all are doing well!!!   Kim Willis

Just wanted you to see that Ruthie B is fitting right in to her new home. She’s slept through the night every night, no crying at all and she’s done very well with potty training. Such a great addition to our family! ❤️🐾

Hi Jim an Kathy

Just wanted to thank you both an give you an update on Bella. It’s been a week since we’ve brought her home and she is absolute sunshine!

She’s learned to sit on command already and is absolutely the smartest pup we’ve ever owned. She’s house training so well and picks up on so much! Her personality is so comical.

Our vet was so impressed with her and commented on her quality!

Thank you again for taking such great care!!

Jim an Beth Nagovsky

Emma Jean is doing great and we are so happy to have her home with us! Her personality is showing more and more and we absolutely love her, thanks again!!

Hi James,


Just wanted to send you some picture of K’lani, the puppy we picked up in March from Jan. litter.  She loves running around our huge back yard and playing with her brother Kona.  She will be 20 weeks old tomorrow and she now weighs 32 lbs.

Thank you so much for this beautiful little girl.  I will try to send some more picks later.


Hope all is well with you and your family,




Matt Mankhey

Hello! Thank you so much for Saint! This is him and Odie (who as I said was also Baby Boy #4 two years ago.) He did well on the ride home this morning and is adjusting well! 😊




Byson and his BIG brother Tank.

This by far is my favorite! Bryson is doing awesome in is new home

Opie and Suzy's October 2019 Liter

Hi Jim and Kathy

A little update on our dear dog!!

Mimosa is nearly 4 now.

Great companion but I think she thinks she’s human!!

 Penny Lane she run’s the house. We can’t thank you enough we love her dearly she is amazing. Pictured with our grand

Hi there- we wanted to send an update on the male puppy we purchased from you this summer (from Raven’s litter). We named him Noctis and he is doing fantastic! He is so smart and has picked up on his training so well! He was neutered two weeks ago and has recovered perfect

Thank you for our wonderful family pet!

Hi Jim and Kathy!

Hope all is well with you guys! Sorry it's taken awhile to get around to sending you pictures! Here's Percy! When we brought her home she weighed 5.8 lbs and now she's 24 lbs! Growing so fast. She's super sweet and Fitz and her get along so great, they love each other!. Now she's happy and healthy! We just love her so much! Hope you have homed all the puppies! You had a bunch. Happy Halloween! Take Care, Suzi and Rob Porte

Harley James is a real ham

Hard to believe in 3 months he'll be a year

Just wanted to say thank you for the blanket and velveteen rabbit. Rocky’s transition was easy and he still loves them!


My name is Eva Aagard. I purchased my boxer from you in the fall of 2016. He has been the absolute best dog anyone could ask for and finally after 7 long years, I am am finally sending you a photo of him living his best life🩵 I will absolutely be a return customer. He has filled our family with so much love and companionship these past 7 years and is so obedient. Thank you for all of the joy we have had by adopting from you

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