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He's a pretty awesome little dude!!! Ill send more pics when I get them. Thanks again!!!

Norman has settled in nicely. He's sleeping through the night (yay!). He's doing very well with the kennel training and house breaking (only 2 accidents in 1 week). He's a smart pup and learns quickly. It's such a pleasure to have a boxer in our family again. THANK YOU!


The puppy is Franz and our 22 month old is Fritz.  Good pup and very stubborn.  Up and down stairs already.  Only one potty accident in house so far.  Started ringing bell to go outside first day.  Sleeping all night without issue.

 Lucia is doing great! She just had all her shots weighing in at 24.8lbs. She loves to be outside and bring sticks in from the woods and bandanas lol. She lives het puppy brother they play all day long, we love her thank you!

They are just precious! They are getting so much love!! ❤️ Penny has gotten so playful and wild with her sister with her!! They are well on their way to potty trained. They both even rang the bell today!!

James & Kathy this is a picture of Trixie # 710 Arthur & Julie bought from you on Sept. 23 .she weighed 25 lbs as of Nov. 27 & received a great bill of health from the vet we have a lot of fun with her  ,   she is our bundle of joy & we love her to pieces thanks so much.

Arthur & Julie stowers

Hi Jim and Kathy,
I wanted to share some photos with you. We got our little pup last July from you and he is such a great boy. He loves our son Brantley so much as you can tell in the photos.
He has been a great addition to our family. He is a big boy already for not even being a year yet!
Hope all is well. I told Josh we need a fawn female in time so we can have an Ollie and a Lena from Minnesota ��

Just wanted to let you know he seems to be fitting in with everything just fine! We went with Tyson for the name. Out of all the toys he has his favorite is obviously a sock. He's been pretty easy going with everything so far! Thanks again!

Here are some Indy pictures.
She rides in the laundry basket in the car, while she still fits in it, she did very well on the ride all the way to Colorado! She was pooped after her first day at puppy school, the pic of her laying on her back :-)

Hi James and Kathy,

Indy turned one in May and is loving her Colorado life, thought you might like to see this picture collage.



Played so hard at grandmas house on the lake I feel asleep on the rocks! We love duke absolutely to death! Thanks so much! Deb Messina

HI Kathy and Jim,
Here are a few pics of Moe. We got him from you in 2009 when I was up on the pipeline job.

Take Care,

Hope you are all doing well. Wanted to send you an update on mr Bandit, he is growing everyday. He is getting more daring outside and exploring more and more since the snow is finally melting. He finally met Perry 2 weeks ago when he came home for his time off of work and definitely has gotten more spoiled. But he’s still a mommas boy. He is liking car rides now as long as no body is setting in his seat. He likes to watch tv and loves to spend time with my cousins .

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