Hi Jim and Kathy

I attached some pictures of Bruno, and two of him and Junior sleeping. He's having a great time running around the house, inside and out. He still doesn't know what to make of the pool. As much as my son wants him to swim, I keep telling him he needs a few more months. (Junior has never gone in the pool, but my other boxer Riley used to swim all the time). He discovered the lizards and geckos but hasn't caught one yet. He had a playdate with my friends dog, a 9 month King Cavalier Char. He grabbed her tail and wouldn't let go. It was funny. I'll keep you updated with photos!


Take care,

Kara and Chris

                                                Dear Jim and Kathy,
I'm sending some new pictures of Bruno (from Bailey and Boscoe's litter July 07). He is such a great dog! We are always stopped by complete strangers complimenting on how beautiful he is, and what a sweet disposition. Of course as Boxer lovers we know that, but it is always nice to hear. 
                                           Sincerely  Kara Culbert


My name is Jessica Johnson and I just thought that I would e-mail you and thank you for a great dog. I purchased my boxer from you in July 2006 and she is just amazing. We named her Haven and she is just the biggest ham. She was a part of Pippi and Busters litter from May 23, 2006. Just thought i would send a few pictures so you could see how well she is doing .


Thank you Again

Jessica Johnson

and Haven

Hello Kathy and Jim,
I purchased Haven (My Boxer) from you in July 2006. She was a part of Pippi and Busters Litter. She was Girl #1. I was wondering if you would still have the pictures of her when she was first born I had copies of them but somehow they were lost. I would greatly appreciate if you did but understand if you are unable to find them. Thank you for all your help and the amazing dog.                                       Jessica Johnson

Hi Jim and Kathy!  Just wanted to send you a couple pictures to show you how much Deizel has grown!  He has been a great addition to our family. He is constantly giving lots of love to my kids and our other dog Copper who is a Beagle. Deizel is such a funny dog with LOTS of personality.  Thanks for doing such a great job breeding these guys!


The Brooks family

Hi Jim and Kathy,
It has been a very long time (2007) since I last sent pictures, but I thought I would give you an update on how our boy is doing! Deizel is the MOST amazing dog ever! He is my sons very best friend and is so well behaved. He (Deizel) enjoys chasing and "tickling" his boy (my son) and they are inseparable! Last year our parents brought home one of your puppies and after a year "Jack"  was hit by a car leaving a huge hole in their family. They also thought that your babies were so amazing that they have purchased another boxer from your present litter and will be bringing him home next week! We are so excited to introduce them to each other as Jack and the big D were great friends. Thank you so much for adding these amazing boys to our family, they are greatly treasured!         
                                                                          The Brooks family

Hi.  Here's the excited owner, Lexie, as we got into our car.  Photo ops abound!  I have more (about 200 from Lexie's camera; I may be exaggerating a bit).   She doesn't have a name yet...but then we didn't name either of our children for 30 days.  Nick gets to name her (our 17 year old son)--yesterday the names were chosen and then we rethought it..
Thanks Teresa

Heather and Ruby           Megan and Ruby

Hi Kathy and Jim,

 Number 5 now goes by the name of Halo..  for the main reason she is as sweet as an angel.  Now, I am betting we will want to change her name to Satan in a few months but it's Halo for now.  I attached a picture of her with me and Emily for you.  

Everything is going great with our other boxer (Roxy) getting along with the puppy too.  Roxy LOVES playing with Halo and I think she thinks it's her dog.  

Thanks again,


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