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We just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that we named our little girl Harley and she has been such an amazing addition to our family.  She had adjusted very well and makes us laugh every day.  Here are a couple of pics of her.  We could not have asked for a better puppy!

Thanks again!
Ben, Dayna & Cy


I just thought I would send some recent pictures of Mr. Bender! We just love having him as our new addition to our family! He's such an awesome dog! He loves being outside and able to run but another one of his past times is sleeping and snuggling! Thank you again for giving this opportunity to have such an awesome dog!!
Eric and Nichole Rauch


Hi Kathy and  James,
Here are some new pictures of Bender. He's getting so big and I can not believe he's going to be 5 months already tomorrow! He's very rambunctious, he loves to run around, play outside and lounge on the furniture (that's where I get the best pictures since he's holding still haha). We are so happy that we have him in our family, he sure adds a great spark to our days and nights! Thank you again for the opportunity to have such an amazing addition to our family :) Have a great day!
Nichole & Eric Rauch 


Hi Jim and Kathy,

Just figured we'd send some pictures of Oliver and let you know he is adjusting just fine. We love him unquantifiabley. The whole 5hour car ride home he sat in Sarahs lap and slept most the way. Comming home he only had about 3 nights of whinning in his overnight kennel, now he sleeps right through the whole night and patiently waits for us to get up in the morning. Every morning I get up go to work and he climbs into bed with Sarah for a few hours before she goes to work. He loves to chase our cats Louis and Dex every chance he can except when their in their room baby gated off sleeping. He loves other dogs and boy does he like to box. He definately has confidence for a pup as he is always trying to play with boxers twice is size( and he actually pins them). He's real friendly and loves to sleep under our coffee table at night. He walked on his leash with no problem right from day one and he learned the command sit in 1 day, and the next day learned to wait by the front door mat for us to clean his paws after business time(which he also has down, no accidents since week 1).We're both very amazed that hes so smart(clumsy tho haha) and he really is a happy lap dog. You guys have done such a good job with him as a puppy at your ranch, no doubt you guys are very loving with all the work you do with the dogs!

please feel free to post the letter were happy for people to see good feedback. If we get another( which we probably will when oliver gets older) you guys can be sure we'll bring him for a visit!

Thanks again

Jonathan and Sarah


Hello James & Kathy,

I was just thinking about our Miss Bindy that we got from you a little over a year ago. I was checking your site today and saw that Spud and Shane had puppies. It brought back so many memories from the first day we picked her up. 
I just wanted you to know that Miss Bindy doing GREAT. She has been certified as AKA Good Citizen. She has also excelled in Agility, she loves the tunnel. We took her out this past summer and low and behold she loves the water and she swims if thats what you call all the splashing she does. She loves her balls and bones, even has to sleep with them. 
I just wanted to let the 2 of you what a great dog she is and the love of Boxers that you have instilled on Michelle and I. We have been donating our free time to the MN Boxer Rescue. We have fostered dogs and I am currently the Treasurer for the Rescue. We have also rescued a big brother for Miss Bindy. So now we have 2 VERY lovable Boxers in our home. It was the love of one little girl that we got from you that spurred this love for such a great breed. I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy of this wonderful girl.                                                               Thanks again      Ryan Bruns


Dear Jim and Kathy,

Thank you so much! 
We are in puppy heaven over here at the Dohmeier household. She became part of our family instantaneously without one little whimper of distress. She has a great little buddy Luis who is a 3 year old terrier who is teaching her to play tug of war and how to alert us when she needs to go outside. He has been very gentle and protective of her. We all take turns sleeping with her and she has slept through the night since evening one. Of course, we just can't imagine our lives without her and we can't remember life before her. 

Attached are 3 pics of Elsa and 1 pic of our old girl Frannie; an English Mastiff who lived to be 12 years old and had to leave us a year ago this December. I just wanted to share because she was such a special friend and we miss her so much. We will continue to send pics of Elsa and her adventures and I'll keep an eye on your website as we are seriously considering another pup so that Elsa may have a buddy when we begin to kennel while we're out. 

Thanks again so much! You have wonderful and beautiful boxers-Danielle Dohmeier


Hi Jim & Kathy,

My boyfriend Dan & I wanted to share a few pictures of our puppy Chaz with you. He is such a joy, and we are so glad we found you online, to bring him into our home.  I'll keep you posted with more photos to come.    Happy Holidays!!!
                                                                                      Regards,    Erin Brandau & Dan Peters


Hi Jim and Kathy,
Here are a few updated pictures of my lovable dog Chaz! He has grown so much. He was just at the vet a couple days ago, and he weighed in at a woping 80.5 lbs. He is very healthy and doing wonderful.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog! I love him so much! 
Much Thanks,


Hi there, 
Here are a couple more updated pictures of Chaz. He is the best dog, love him dearly!
Thank you, 
Erin Brandau


Hello Jim & Kathy,
 We made it home just fine, our boxer "AbbyMae" had a little trouble just as we were entering the driveway, but I got the door opened just in time. We will be working on car rides but hopefully not as long as 3 hours, poor baby.  AbbyMae and Justice seem to be off to a great friendship, even after the little mishap.  Thank you so much and we'll be in touch.
                                                                                                   Terry, Patty and AbbyMae


Dear Kathy and Jim,
We hope you guys are doing well! We just wanted to tell you how much we love our Henry and Hannah. They are best buddies and we can tell that Henry is much happier having his sister around! (Spud is th Dad of both) Here are a few pictures of the 2 of them together :) Right away they started sharing a bowl...
We are VERY happy with our dogs and they are still the best looking boxers we have ever seen. 
Thanks again!
Becky and Greg Westgard

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