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Jim and Kathy,

We just wanted to update you on how Cowboy is doing.  First of all we chose to name him Cairo (ky-ro).  Since Justin is going into Chiropractic and it's been and will be a huge part of our life we thought we would use the abreviation for Chiropractic (Chiro) but spell it like Cairo, Eygpt.  His paper name is Cairo Maximus Bentley Nye.  Yes, it's a lot of names for a puppy but we liked them all and couldn't just pick one so we used them all for the paper name and then just call him Cairo for short.  As for him, we love him to death and he's doing great.  He's doing awesome with the potty training and is a really smart puppy with a great personality.  Of course, it's been a challenge with all of our new snow and the cold  but he's good at getting the business done and getting back into the warmth.  Of course, I was hugely suprised to get him as a birthday present BUT the only words to explain him are "perfect"  I've always wanted a boxer and he's the perfect one and I love spending every second I can with him.  The first day, as you can see by the pictures he was pretty tired and sad to leave his family But he's now active and loves to play with all of his new toys.  Of course he still has his little bunny rabbit that he picked out before he left and he sleeps with his blanky that you gave him every day.  We can't express how happy we are with him and the hard work you guys put into raising such a beautiful and wonderful dog.  We will definitely have to come up for a visit this summer so you can see how he has grown and we'll keep you updated with the letters and pictures as he grows.  As you said, he was truly the best pick of the litter.  Thanks again for all that you did to make this little miracle a part of our lives.  Just click on the link below and you can see some pictures of him.   Thanks again and let us know if there's any questions or anything at all that you need.

Sincerely ,

Justin and Christy Nye

 Hello Jim and Kathy,
We just wanted to send you a few pictures of Bauer (from Shane and Buddy).  
He is a great puppy, loves to play and run around.  He loves going to the 
lake and going in the water, and running around out there.  He also loves to 
help shuck corn and to sit and sleep by the campfire.  Bauer loves to go for 
car rides as well so he can stick his head out the window and try to bite 
the air.  He usually falls asleep on a 5 minute car ride, so it's pretty 
easy to load him up and go places. He has grown really fast too, he already 
weighs 55lbs!!!!  I think we are going to have a big dog on our hands!!!!
   There was one point when I emailed you saying that he was the "Alpha" of 
the pack.......well that turned out to be false.  The dog trainer that had 
told me that didn't even see Bauer and told me that he needed to be 
straightened out right away.....( I think she could hear the money going 
into her pocket)......needless to say we didn't talk to her again.  We went 
to a lady that owns Wag N Train in Grand Forks.  She was very good and I 
would recommend her to anybody.  We went to her for a 6 week session (once a 
week) and by the time we left each time he would have learned something new. 
  He knows how to Sit, lay down, heel, an "extended" sit, "extended" lay 
down, and he has a very quick recall, and what she calls a "place".  That is 
what he learned from our trainer.  A picture of him on his place is enclosed 
and it is a place for him to lay down and he can't get off till we tell him 
he can (nice to use to do chores around the house, or if there is alot of 
people over and you don't want him bugging people).  We also taught him to 
shake, and a high-five.
   We have enclosed some pictures (more will be coming in a week or 
so)...... We are extremely happy with Bauer and are thankful to have him, 
and both of our families love him to death....
  We tell everyone with pride where we got him, (hopefully some have come 
your way).
  Thanks again for such a great dog..

Tyler and April
Grand Forks

Tim and I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful, special dog!
Bella is such a sweetheart!  We have had her for just over a year.  She
celebrated her 1st birthday in January.  These photos were taken around
Christmas.  She is showing off her reindeer antlers and new coat.  She
actuallly didn't mind the snow and loved to bounce around in it.  She really
is our little pride and joy!  Once again, thank you doing such a wonderful
job and raising such terrific puppies!  We will keep you posted and send new
pictures soon.  Hope you and all your dogs are doing well!

Tim and Kelly Everson

Hi Jim and Kathy!  

Happy holidays!  Just thought I would send a few pictures of Bella.  She will be 9 years old on January 19th.  I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. She is doing well, is a HAPPY dog and LOVED by everyone!  She went to see Santa last night and loves to snuggle in her blankets.  I took a print of her paw and got it as a tattoo on my foot -- she always sits on my feet when she's not on my lap-- thought it was fitting. ;)  Hope everyone and the dogs are doing well!  Merry Christmas!

Kelly £ Bella   2014

We're so glad we came to you when we bought Monty, he's been an absolute joy the last 4 years we wouldn't trade him for the world!!!  I've attached a funny picture of him, every time I look at it it cracks me totally shows off the boxer personality!!

Thanks so much,

Christy Renner

She is beautiful!!

Bob and Vickie

Just thought we would email a couple pictures of Stella.  She is doing great
                                          Bennett and Angie

    Stella is doing very well, she has survived her first Christmas and 
Loves all of her new toys. Here are some more pictures of the little one.

Thanks Again,
Bennett and Angie


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