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Hi Kathy and Jim, 
We are absolutely loving our puppy.  His official name is Miles Oliver haha he is too cute. He has been very good about eating and going to the bathroom at the appropriate place. He is so playful and is getting along wonderfully with our other dog. He loves to be outside and play and the climate here has been perfect for him. 
We really appreciate you sending him his blanket and stuffed bear. We thought that was so thoughtful of you. He is growing so much already and is very good!
Alright well get back to me. Talk with you soon,
Margaret Hardiman


Hi Kathy and Jim,
I am just writing you an update on Miles Oliver. He is doing FANTASTIC. Aside from the occasional oops! He is doing great. He is definitly a member of our family, and so much so, that my two year old neice no longer asks for me, but for Miles! He has been the most loving pet and his training is coming along great. I just love him, and so does the rest of my family! So in short, at 8 months old he is around 60 pounds and strong as an ox! He is just great! Just letting you know of my continued happiness with my Boxer who started his life in Puppy Country!


I just wanted to thank you for meeting us in St. Cloud and for the wonderful little girl!  I have attached a couple of pictures I took on the way home.  My other two dogs love her!  After about 10 minutes of mutual sniffing, they played a bit then all fell asleep.  The big dogs are so gentle with her and she instigates most of the play!  Her name is Chloe.  She did not have one accident on the way home.  
We have a vet check set up for her on Tuesday and will pass along the medical stuff you gave us.
 I will keep in touch!
                                             Heather, Jef, Nala, Lili and now...CHLOE!!


Thought I would send you some pictures I had taken of Chloe.  She is such a good pup.  We went on our first big hike today and she ran right along with her "pack" (me, the older boxer and the American Bulldog).  Chloe stayed right near me and did not have to be leashed at all!  Of course we were out in the middle of the woods so there was not anything she could really be in danger of.  She just ran with the other two and had a great time.  She is currently sound asleep next to me in the chair.
Thanks again!


James and Kathy-  This is Dixie at almost nine months old.  She is girl #4 
from Jay and Buddy (August 2007).  We really enjoy having her with us in our 
semi.  She likes meeting all the people at rest areas.  Dixie has already 
been through puppy kindergarten and puppy agility.  She loves being around 
people and other dogs.  We will be doing alot of camping with her this 
summer.  We love her so much. Thanks!     Dave and Tina Peterson


Hi kathy, this is danielle and carol out in northern california with the boxer puppy. we ended up naming him BRODY. hes doing great out here , getting used to the hot wheather. hes extrremlly smart he can sit, lay, play fetch hes a pretty good listener but were working on it hes for the most part potty trained. brody is already 28 lbs as of 2 days ago. hes gonna be a horse. haha well i just wanted to say thanks again for everything with brody. here is some recent pictures of brody. i will keep you updated as brody gets older. talk to you soon. also theres a pic of our other two dogs 

danielle and carol


Hello kathy, 
This is Danielle and Carol, from california. just wanted to send some more pictures of brody. so you can see how big he's gotten.  He'll be 7 months next week and ways 72lbs!  YES he is a big boy! ( : Just graduated beginners dog school and is now  in intermediate. So far hes been doing great! talk to you soon!

Danielle and Family


Here are some better photo's of TJ. He is doing so well. We pretty much 
have the potty training outside here at the house done. Thanks to you 
guys giving him the training. He is so great. We could not thank you 
guys enough for him. He maybe a little spoiled, but that is ok. He is 
GREAT with the kids. He loves to try and get the little one when she is 
crawling and Emma will yell at him and then he turns around and will 
whine. It is really cute.



   I am so sorry I have not emailed you any new photo's of Tj in a while. He is growing up. Had his 2nd birthday complete with cupcakes on July 24th. He is doing great. He is such a good dog, he likes to sleep under the covers and on a pillow. Enjoy the new photo's!!

Dan, Katie Arianna Emma and Tj


 Tj turned 10 in July


Abbygail LaFreniere ( 6 months old ) from Rocky & Madison July 26 2008 


Went for a ride up the lake, and caught a bee or wasp on way home. Boy did she swell up fast. We advise all boxer owners to carry medicine just in case. Well Happy Birthday Abby.                                       Paul & Emily LaFreniere


Hi Jim & Kathy-
We adopted Boy #4 from Shane, we decided to name him Cassius.  He has been a really good boy and so loving and sweet.  Thank you so much for his blanket and bear -he loves to shake the bear like crazy and lay on his blanket with chew toys.  We are just in awe of how sweet and handsome he is, he adds so much joy to our lives everday and we can't imagine, nor do we want to remember what life was like before we adopted him.  We get compliments all the time about what a beautiful, handsome, good looking boy he is.  No matter where we take him, someone always says look at the baby boxer, and they ask to meet him and comment on how handsome and sweet he is.  We are in uptown minneapolis which is a very dog friendly neighborhood, they have had some events we have taken him to, dogtoberfest - which he loved and then a fundraiser at a Urbanimal, a pet supply store about a 1/2 mile from where we live where he met lots of dog's and dog lovers and got lot's of loving up.  He is a wonderful little guy with a very sweet, loving disposition and we have enjoyed watching him grow and clown around.  We attached a few photos and will send more soon.  Thank you so much for giving us such a sweet puppy boy!
                                                                                      Jack and Jenny


                                                     Hi Jim & Kathy-
Here are a few updated photos of Cassius (boy #4 from Shane & Spud).  At 8 months old he weighs 55 lbs.  We always get stopped by people wanting to meet him and say how handsome he is.  He is such a great dog and we enjoy everyday with him!! 
                                                         Jack & Jenny


Dear James and Kathy-I dont know if you remember us or not, (John and Kim Dye) we bought a boxer puppy from you two years ago,you met us in with boy #3 from pippi and busters litter.We want you to know how hes doing. Well, hes two and he acts like a spoiled teenager-we have no kids.He was weighed yesterday and he tipped the scales at 86 pounds! His name is ranger. Hes a super dog,never sick,always healthy and a ton of fun!Our vet says hes the best lookin boxer in Fridley! Hes not overweightat all! Hes all muscle! We have him weighed every two weeks to monitor his weight.We feed him Boxer select from Eukanuba-which he obviously loves! He also eats carrots,cheese,apples,bread(wheat),we do not feed him any scraps,he only eats healthy things.We want him to be around a long time!He also eats two vitamins each morning-hes done this since he turned one. He came from great stock! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!  John and Kim and Ranger! 


Hi Kathy,

I hope things are going well for you and your family.  I have attached some pictures of LOLA our boxer who will turn 2yrs this February (Boscoe and Madison's puppy).  Lola has been a wonderful addition to our family and even sometimes I think she believes she "is" a daughter Caela, who was 2yrs old when we got Lola from you, is very attached to Lola, they are like one anothers shadow.  Lola is everything we could have ever asked for in a dog; she is VERY well mannered and very gentle with our kids as well as others in our neighborhood.  We love her very much!
Thanks again,
Andrea, Jason, Carson, Carleigh and Caela Tighe
Big Lake, MN


"Zoe" is doing great in her new home.....not even an accident "yet"..LOL   

She has taken over my Lazyboy.....


Hi Jim and Kathleen.  I just wanted to tell you that Jordan is doing very well.  She is a beautiful dog.  She is bonding very strong with us, she follows us everywhere.  She is a very happy girl and I can tell you raised her very well.  Thanks again, here are a few pics of her first day in our home.  Thanks again!
-Mike and Kristina

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