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Jim and Kathy-

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how Hannah is doing. She is soo funny, though our 8 pound, 8 year old Bichon 'Molly' doesn't think she is. She will chase Molly grab her tail and pull her backwards. Molly gets SOOO mad. Poor Molly can't even go potty without being attacked. She is doing very well on her house potty training as well, goes to the door when she wants to go out. We do on occasion have an 'oops' though~!

Miss Hannah Rose Akeley-Born 5/31/2003 - What a blessing she has been. As you can tell Hannah has grown ALOT
since the last photo's we sent late last  summer.  She was born at the end of May so now she is just over 9 months. She weighs 46.5 pounds and is an absolutely striking female boxer with a personality that doesn't quite. She claims to OWN our couch, every bed in the house and now has figured out how to get up into the glider rocker...she hates it when it swings on her though ...get this look that make you just bust up. Hannah thinks our 8# Bichon named Molly who is 9 years old is her is quite funny really, lays by her and follows her around like a pup. But then tries to get Molly to play, NOT (says Molly) and then drags
Molly by her tail... then the war begins, the chase around the staircase. I didn't realize my old dog could run so fast...but then she still can find the hiding spots that are LOW enough that Hannah cant get to her. Hope the New Year has been good to you and yours. Bless you for blessing us the
Hannah.    as ever, Julie, Jaclyn and Mitch

Jim & Kathy:
Here are a few recent photos of "Cassius" and his best friends, Shannon and Patrick.He is growing sooo fast!He is about 15 pounds now and just so much fun.He is really doing great. The vet said we must of had excellent breeders because he is just PERFECT!!
Enjoy the photos!

Ticia & Pat

We have named little boy, Dakota it means FRIEND and it fits him very well.
He is such a sweetie, so loving & friendly to everyone. We LOVE him very much & he has filled a very large void in our home. The kids get home from school and he takes off for the door, it is so funny to see him run for the door.
Dakota is sleeping all night & has not had any OOPS in the house. We kennel him at night, he is getting used to that, no crying by the third night. He is so well behaved and great manors. He has gotten used to the collar & leash, he like to take himself for walks. HEE HEE he grabs the leash & starts walking. Our other boxer did the same thing. It is commical to watch. I have attached some photos of Dakota, hope they come through good.

Thank you so much for parting with little boy-Dakota he is the best. I understand how much you miss him. We visit Park Rapids every now & then so maybe we can meet sometime so you can see him.

Terri, Kevin, Ashley, Shane & Dakota


 Luna who came from Boscoe and Peaches litter 13 years ago. She been the best dog and still going strong... at 13!

Photo's of Luna and family were taken  by PHOTOGOODGUY,LLC


James & Kathy, Here are a few recent photos of Cleo. She is from Shiloh and Tzar's litter, and is now 20 weeks old. A great dog!! Jen M.

Hi Jim and Kathy, I wanted to send you a couple of pic's of Ike. He is gaining weight daily, up to 25 pounds now. House breaking is going very very well. Gus our other boxer has adjusted to him. Ike keeps him on his toes which is a good thing since he is almost 10 now. Jennifer and I just love Ike (and Gus). He seems very smart and picks up commands quickly.

That's about all now. I will keep in touch.



Jim and Kathy, I wanted to let you know how Ike is doing. He is a handful. Very energetic and friendly. He weighs 40 pounds now and is still quite the lap dog.

He doesn't bite or chew on the furnature. Jennifer and I love him.

He just about has his 'prowling cat' pose perfected as you can see from the pics.


Talk to you later,




HI there i would just like to wright to you to let you know he is the best dog i have ever had i would never want another breed he is so sweet he is realy the clown of the family he all so kicks my husband out of bed at night when he stretches out i hope to get one more some day from you  he was born 2-3-04 i think he looks alot like his dad  thanks so very much tony&theresa 

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