This weekend has been wonderful,  "ranger" has made a great addition to our family! He has had 2 accidents in the house only! The boys love him so much! Thank you for raising our forever puppy!

Hi guys! We are doing great! He is finally ringing the bell to go potty outside. Our son Eli is the best and Leo is his boy! We finally named our/your boy Leo! Here are a couple of pics. We love him so much!

HI Jim and Kathy,

Happy Fourth!

Here are some pictures of Fitz.  He is 6 months old. 

We are just finishing up puppy classes and he is doing great.

He is a real character! 

Have a great weekend!

Suzi and Rob Porte

Hi Jim and Kathy!

Here are some pictures of Fitz from Zoe and JR's litter January 3, 2019. 

Isn't he the bomb???!!!

We love him so and he is such a good boy.

I check out your website often, lots of good looking puppies!

Take Care,

Suzi Porte

Please advise if you are expecting seal brindles or reverse brindles in the upcoming litter. Would it be possible to put money down on a female seal/reverse brindle puppy?  Here are some pics of our little Lucy.💕





This is our Bart. We wanted to Thank you again for such a wonderful dog!! He has been the best dog! (ps this is really the only time he has looked unhappy, but I told him we'd take the picture quick;))


Dan and Fran Barrett-Emily

Just wanted to give you updated on our Pup (Mimosa) She’s doing great now 1 year and 2 months
She loves to run!!!      Hope all is well                Maria Gomes

We brought Boaz home back in April.  He's a product of Moses and Willow.  He's a joy, he's beautiful, and we love him.


Ben Tighe

Hawley, MN

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful dog that we bought from you a year ago today! She is a wonderful dog, super smart and such a little lover!!!  We recommend you to everyone wanting a boxer! She is amazing!!!


She was from litter Moses and Wizard 2018

Thanks again,

The Beavers! 

Jim& Kathy, 

I just  wanted to send you a few pictures of our puppy we got from you last week.  We had boy #2 from Baby and Moses. We named him Memphis and he is doing so well.  We are just so pleased with him.  He knows how to sit already.  He seems really smart.  


We were wondering if you would still be breeding in the spring/summer time.  Bob just loved the looks of Opie, and thought I would ask. 


Thanks again for everything!  


Jennifer Ryan 

She slept much of the way home and after several stops, 7 hours later, and finally being named “Rigby” (inspired by Eleanor Rigby). She made it home and met her siblings. They have played hard this week and napped even harder.
It’s only been two weeks, but she fits right in. We’re so glad to have her as a part of our family! 
Our oldest dog, who can be a bit moody and temperamental, is patient beyond expectation.

Zoey got to meet her big brother this weekend and is adjusting to life in South Dakota well!

Greetings Jim, Kathy, and Krissy!


Mike and I got our Norman from you in April of 2017. He was born on 2/1/17 to Dusty and Romeo, three years ago already! He is such a wonderful dog and a clown (as boxers are known to be). I've included a few pics so you can see how happy and healthy he is. :

Lisa and Mike

Hi James and Kathy,

Just celebrated Champs 1 year birthday 2/26/20. He was boy #1 from Willow and Moses.

He’s just the best boxer ever! Anyway we’ve been feeding him pure balance the chicken and brown rice. Now that he’s a year old should we change anything? Here’s a few photos of our silly Champ.

Thanks again,

Jean Morga

James and Kathy,


Just wanted to send you an update on our Sweet Storm.

Storm weighs 82 pounds.. he is taller than our other boxer.  

He is a VERY Sweet boy.  Very Goofy, funny, and so Loving. Very attached to my husband, and my son.   

Here are a couple pictures of Lily.  The previous boxer I got from you.  I believe her Mom's name was Baby.  She was a big girl.  In her prime she weighed 95 pounds,  not overweight.  

I was walking her and someone asked me... "what's his name? " 

My reply  "Lily" 


We are loving her. She is great and the other dog piper loves her too the are getting along wonderfully! Thank you!

                                                              Steve Gibbs


Deposit of $100 only 

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