Puppy Country Picture Gallery

If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.


Hey just wanted to send you some pictures of Molly. We just weighed her and she is 34 lbs. thought you might like to know.   We are so exicited about getting our new puppy we decided to name him Mac.  Hope you enjoy the pics  and can't wait to see next weeks pictures. 
Dawn, Steve, and Gabby

      Our Little Angel 2004             Roxanne 7/4/2006
Capt. Roxanne

Gone Swimming Again

Roxanne With Her Best Friend
Jim & Kathy,
here are some pictures of the boxer we bought from you in Oct. 2004.
Her name is Roxanne, from Pippi's first litter with Buster born 10 Oct. 2004.
Roxanne goes to 11th Crow Wing Lake every weekend in the summer, she loves to swim & go out on the boat.
Roxanne also enjoys chasing squirrels & birds, or playing with her favorite toys that she knows by name.
She's very smart & a joy to have in our family.
Thanks for such a wonderful dog, & friend!
Dan & Tina Riggs



Hello! Thank you again for the wonderful addition to my family. He slept
all the way home...I look forward to him sleeping throughout the night :)
He is very smart and is a natural at potty training!
I have attached his 1st picture.
Take care!   4/10/2007




Hi James and Kathy - thought we'd send you a few pictures of Bailey (from
Boscoe and Annie).  She's been such a good puppy --- a handful --- but a
great puppy.  She's doing good at going outside to potty, for the most part.
  And she's starting to learn to walk on her leash well now too.  She's such
a smart dog and a quick learner.  She already knows how to sit, laydown and
shake.  It only took her 2 days to learn - and alot of treats.  She's also
so well behaved and eager to meet new people.  Just wanted to send you off
these pictures and say thank you again ... she's a GREAT addition to our
lives!   2007

Angie & Tom
Fargo, ND

                                                        A couple more updated photos of Bailey (from Boscoe and Annie Feb 2007)
                                                                                                        10 month and 1 year photo

                                                                     Good Morning Jim and Kathy,
I've attached a picture of my daughter Erica and our beautiful baby boy Jonas.  He is from the litter of Madison and Boscoe.  He's now just over 13 weeks old and we love him more everyday!  He started puppy school on Saturday and I was so proud.  We received so many compliments about how handsome he is.  He loves every person and dog that he meets.  If we could all learn to greet others the way a boxer puppy does, this would be a much happier world!
I will continue to send updates and I thought you'd get a kick out of the picture.
Thank you once again for allowing us to adopt this amazing boy - I can't imagine my life without him!
                                                                            Brenda Rick

Good Morning Jim and Kathy,
It's been a while since I sent an update so I thought I'd drop you a line.  Our beautiful baby boy, Jonas, is doing great!  He is from Boscoe and Madison's most recent litter. I can't believe he's almost 5 months old - the time has gone by so fast.  He's already 42.5 pounds so I'm pretty sure he's going to be big like his daddy.  As a matter of fact, he was laying down the other day and he looked just like the picture you have posted of Boscoe - such a handsome boy!
He graduated at the top of his class in puppy school.  I don't mean to brag but I think you may be as proud as we were - while all of the puppies in the class received ribbons at graduation - he won the gold medal! I was so proud!  We received so many compliments about his looks and personality at puppy class.  He begged every week to be the demo puppy and, when chosen, he would make me so proud trying to do what the instructor asked.  We are so in love with our little guy :)
He continues to absolutely LOVE all people and animals.  He doesn't understand when some people just walk past us without petting him.  I think he believes it's his right to be loved by all.  Believe me - in addition to several walks each day - he gets a TON of love from my family.  Our 6 year old dog is crazy about him and checks him over everytime he leaves her side for a few minutes.  They are truly best friends. 
As I've said before, THANK YOU for our wonderful little boy.  He's the best!
Brenda Rick

Hi Jim, It's Sarah and Alex just letting you know how Apollo's doing.  Well in a nutshell he's just amazing!!  He graduated puppy classes on Sunday and he was the most well behaved boy there!  He's always into mischief but he's so sweet that we couldn't be happier.  thank you so much for such an amazing dog!
PS  we're the envy of EVERY person we run into on our walks,  he's just too cute and smart.  No one believes he's just a puppy!
Sarah and Alex

Hi there,

My name is Alex and my wife Sarah and I bought one of your puppies over 11 years ago from a litter whose parents were Boscoe and Annie. There "little" boy Apollo is starting to slow down but still quite healthy.


Thought you might want to see some updated photo's of Finnegan, he's doing great here in Key West.

Thanks for a great dog!
Dawn Ard

ey Guys!
Just thought I would send some updated photos of finnegan, he's doing
great here in Key West.  His nickname is big mouth.  We go to the dog
park about 4 times a week.  He loves playing running with all the other
dogs there.  His best pal is a 2 yr old female german short haired
pointer.  Hope all is well there.  Tahnks again for a sweet dog.

Cheers, Dawn

Just wishing you a Happy New Year!
Thanks again for a sweetheart of a dog.  He's definately a momma's boy.

Just wanted to say hello, and send an updated photo of Finnegan.  We moved from Key West to St Augustine, Fl.  Finn is doing great, alittle over 5 yrs old now.  Still a mommas boy.

Dawn Ard

Hi it is bonnie from thunder bay i am trying to send you some
pics of RUBY - these were taken shortly after we got her; more to come - my computer picture software has been on the fritz since april -
more to come next few emails she is absolutely wonder ful