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If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.


Just wanted to let all of you know that I sent off pics today
of Alex, Rowdy and Whinnie, it would be Alex's 6 year pic.
One is a big print out and there is a little wallet size
pic in there too. Wanted to inform you of the wallet
because I put the pics in big envelopes and didn't
want you to miss it and accidentally throw it away.
So you should be getting them soon!
The pic turned out awesome!!!  It took a little bit
to get the dogs to sit for the camera, but we finally got the perfect pic!
Becky  ;-)


Hey Jim & Kathy,
Just wanted to send you a little note on how Rowdy & Whinnie are doing.  They are both doing very well.  Rowdy is now 70.1 lbs and growing!  Whinnie is about 37 lbs. Rowdy turned 9 months on July 10 and Whinnie on July 18th. As you can see from one of the pics, we ended up buying them a pool, they are so spoiled!
Although Whinnie was still unsure of it, Rowdy pretty much dove right in!!  It was 95 that day, so I'm sure it felt good!  The other pics are them just chilling out in the backyard.  Will send more soon, take care!
Becky, Curt, Alex, Rowdy & Whinnie

Hey Jim & Kathy,

Just wanted to drop you a little note and tell you that Rowdy & Whinnie won the Pet of the Week contest on Lite Rock 105 this past Friday. They won a lot of prizes including toys, dog treats, dog food and more! They got lots of compliments from the DJ's of the radio station. Below is the winning pic that was submitted. 

Becky  ;-)

Dec., 2005
Hey Jim & Kathy,
Attached is our Christmas picture. As you can see, Rowdy & Whinnie have grown since the last pics we sent. Rowdy is around 85 lbs and Whinnie is around 51 lbs.
They both celebrated their 1st B-day in Oct. They are still inseparable and are together all the time. They love playing and running around in the snow! 
Anyway, just wanted to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope all is well!!!!
Becky, Curt, Alex, Rowdy & Whinnie.

"Rowdy & Whinnie"

Oct. 31st, 2006
Hey Jim and Kathy!
Just wanted to send you some updated pics of Rowdy and Whinnie.  They are both doing great and just turned 2 this month.  They are both active and playful as ever!  They are great dogs!
Enjoy the pics!!!
Curt and Becky Ust

Becky & Curt Ust
West Fargo, ND

Merry Christmas Jim and Kathy!
We are all doing very well.
Rowdy and Whinnie are doing great.  We actually just joined a Boxer meet-up group not too long ago.
It's a group here in Fargo where other people who have Boxers meet up almost every month
with the dogs and let the dogs go crazy and play together.  Our last meet-up was 2 weeks ago, it was our Christmas
meet-up where everyone brought food and a gift to exchange.  We met @ Doggy Depot and it was so much
fun to watch the dogs all play together and have such a good time.  There must have been around 15 Boxers there. Plus
it gave Curt and I a chance to meet new people.  We are looking forward to our next meet-up as are Rowdy
and Whinnie.  Well, hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!
Becky, Curt, Alex, Rowdy and Whinnie


Hello Kathy & Jim!
It's been a while since we last wrote, but Rowdy & Whinnie are still doing great!  We moved down to AZ about 5 months ago and we love it!  The summers are HOT and it took the dogs a little bit to get used to the heat, but now they love it too!  The Winters down here are great and they spend most of their time outside since it's only in the 60's and 70's.  They turned 4 in Oct. and are still hyper as ever!  We have a 22 month old, her name is Trinity, and she loves playing with them!  She loved to sit on them and crawl all over them and they just lie their and tolerate her...;-)   They love our kids a lot!  Our oldest daughter Alex is 9 1/2 already...time sure goes by fast.  Anyway, just wanted to drop you guys a letter to let you know how they are doing since it's been a while....Hope things are well with you....I attached some pics of Rowdy & Whinnie....take care...
Becky & Curt Ust


Just thought i would drop you a line and tell you that our little girl is doing great and we really do love having her as part of our family.  attached are a couple of photos of her.  the are a few months old, but when i get some new ones i will send some your way.  Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to adopt such a beautiful little dog.  My son named her wilson and she is currently 11 months old.
Thanks Again,
Dave, Gina, Noah, Jonah and Wilson


BAXTER  Ontario Canada

Hi there well we have had Baxter over a week now and he is fitting in just fine we still have to get the cat to like him as well but it is coming as you will soon see.
Here are a few pictures:
Thanks again for the puppy... We LOVE  him we will keep in touch with you from time to time
The Jewett's

Jim and Kathy:   Baxter is doing well. Other than that he loves to play chase with the cat and go riding in the truck he LOVES McDonald cheeseburgers and is one very spoiled happy dog even the grandparents spoil  him.......
Here are a few new pictures of Baxter his birthday and one of him out in the yard sitting handsome................

Jim and Kathy: this year for Baxter's cake we had his favourite food on it a cheeseburger and for halloween we had dressed him up as spongebob squarepants when the kids came to the door they were more excited to see Baxter than have candy I decided to take off his costume for awhile and when the kids came they wanted to see him dressed up they had heard about him from other children so I had to dress him back up again for the whole night he LOVED it seeing those kids he was so excited. Wait till you see his costume next year................
                                    The Jewett's


Hi Jim and Kathy,

Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know how Scooby is doing.  We
absolutely love the guy!  He has been so much fun for us.  He graduated
Puppy kindergarten a few weeks ago, and we plan to enroll him into an
agility class.  He socializes so well with other dogs and people in general.
  I don't know what we would do without him!  Thanks to you guys, the potty
training wasn't as bad as we thought it would be, he now rings a bell when
he needs to go outside.  He has the hand shake down and the High Five, and
will kiss our cheeks if there is a treat involved!  We just want to thank
you for giving us such a great companion!  He was born of Pippi and Buster
and will be 5 Months old on March 10th!  He also loves to go for rides in
the vehicle!

Rob and Jenny Vold

Hi Guys, Just sending wishes for a Happy Halloween from one of yours! Scooby Vold!    Rob and Jenny Vold

Been forever since we have updated you guys!  Scooby turned 6 this October.  Here is a latest photo!  Happy Holidays!



Hello to all of you. I am writing you in regards to the wonderful pup I purchased from you back in September 2002. I've sent some pics in the past and am including some with this email. Pacino made it until February 9 2016. It was the absolute hardest day I have ever been thru. As I'm sure you understand and probably have been thru yourselves. He was the best dog anyone could ask for. He  was loved by everyone around. I am the owner of a supper club now in Angelo Wisconsin. (When I purchased Pacino we were living in Aurora Ill) So he got to enjoy the city life and the country life. Let me tell you he lived it to the fullest. Lol. Crazy pup. Even in his senior years. Between the crick out back or the 100 acres of land behind my land. He ran :) Always came back when called. I didn't use a leash on him for probably ten years. What a blessing he was. Plus he always got the scraps from the cook staff. (We live in the same property as the Restaurant) He knew exactly where to go and wait for the guys at night.
 So where I'm at now is I'd like to get another pup from you. I'm not sure if the same bloodlines will be there but I'm sure the puppy will be just as awesome as Pacino.  It would be neat to get a cousin or something close. But I totally understand if that's not possible. I see you will be having a litter in the end of April. Which I'm assuming will not be ready for pickup till end of June beginning of July. Is there anyway I can get one of those. I was thinking a Brendal or black color this go around. Tho I'm not too fussy. Being Pacino was a fawn and so awesome I've been suggested by close friends that maybe I should try to defer from fawn so I don't compare. Because Pacino was that awesome they think this pup will have a lot to live up too :) I'm not worried I'm sure it will be amazing as well.

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