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If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.

Gabriel and Champ

Gabriel   4 weeks old and  Jim                                                           Gabriel  21 weeks old       

Hi Jim & Kathy
    Just a note to let you know of Gabriel's accomplishments since he is now 2 months old. He is house trained so has the run of the house. On command he sits, lays down & comes when called from the backyard. He walks on a leash but has a ways to go yet to heal well. He's also learning to roll over, but just can't get the hang of shaking hands.
    I clean his ears & brush his teeth daily (with my fingers for a tooth brush for now). He has a little trouble sitting still on my lap. Oh yes, he thinks he's a lap dog. When I take him in the car, he sits on my lap, in the truck he sits between us on the console. He's very  smart -VERY SPOILED- and we love him to death. Pictures were taken last week. He visits my mother
(in  picture) & other residents in the assisted living home a couple times a week. They all love him & he gets lots of attention there too. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
                                            Friends from New Richmond
                                                        Yvonne, Jim & Gabriel Doc

Hi Jim & Kathy
    Gabriel is now 3 months old. (Buster & Bailey's pup). Picture #1 Gabriel meest our twin Grandsons. Picture #2 Gabriel sits on steps by Jim and keeping an eye on me. Picture # 3 Gabriel loves the outdoors and often sits on the deck steps watching the neighbors until they come over to see hiim. Picture # 4 Gabriel stands in his bed & looks out the window for Jim to come home from work. Picture # 5 After a long day decides that it's time to take a nap.
    We have had so many compliments on how beautiful he is and how well behaved too. He learns so fast. Thank you for breeding such nice puppies and thank you for Gabriel. And oh yes he DOES have a black nose. Ha!
    Congratulations again & again & again. We can't keep up withi qll your new litters.  Gabriel's Daddy must have strong genes because all his kids look like him.
                                                Yvonne, Jim & Gabriel Reardon

Dear Jim & Kathy
    We haven't heard from you since before Christmas. We made it through the transition of having one 5 month old puppy Gabriel Doc to adding another 8 week old. Champ buster who is now house trained, shake hands and is learning to walk on a leash.
    We can't tell you how much fun they are. We are so happy that we made the decision to have two. They are both friendly and loving and both visit the nursing home. We had a house full  for Christmas and they ate up all the attention.We recommend you wonderful healthy  puppies to any family with young kids or retired like us. They are wonderful companions.
    Enclosed are a few pictures  so that you can start a web page for Champ. The first picture is of Gabriel sitting on the rug by the kitchen sink where he always sits while we're eating. because he knows we have to get the dishes to the dishwasher and he'll get a treat. Picture  #  2  Gabriel  & Champ wait together. Picture # 3 Champ keeps watch & picture # 4 Gabriel keeps watch so that they don't miss their treat. Picture # 5 Champ checks out the dishwasher for leftovers. Champ take a nap with Teddy and as you can see he & Gabriel catch a nap together. Champ finished his dinner & went to see if Gabriel left any for him.
    Gabriel Doc from Buster & Bailey will be 6 months on Jan. 12 th and Champ Buster  from Buster and Annie will be 3 months on Jan 18. We love them both to death. They keep us busy but we wouldn't have it any other way. We will be watching the picture gallery for Champs picture page..
            Your Friends from Wisconsin
                            Jim , Yvonne, Gabriel & Champ


Gabriel, 10 1/2 months & Champ, 7 1/2 months
Dear Jim & Kathy
Our First Camping Trip to Lake Superior
Gabriel  1 year, Champ 9 months
Our first day we learned to drink from the artesian well in the campground

Some nice man thought the four of us should have our picture taken together.

Back home-Same old thing- sitting on the picnic table playing with froggy!
We still love you both
 Your pups
      Gabriel & Champ

Hi Jim & Kathy
    We just got home from Wisconsin Dells. Mom & Dad took the grandkids and we got to go along, boy did we have fun.We camped in the woods and WOW was there alot of new and strange noises. Mom said we kept everybody up the first nite. We walked the streets at nite. All 9 of them plus us. We sat on benches and watched people going in and out of the shops. Everybody stopped to hug & pet us. Mom said she could of sold us alot of times.(whatever that means.) Gabriel is such a baby. We stopped to watch a life sized animated wolf in one store  when the wolf growled and showed his teeth, Gabriel turned around & jumped into a mans lap sitting on the street bench. Everywhere we went we were loved and hugged.We were very warm and thirsty so mom bought us a bottle of water & we learned to drink from a bottle. Humans are so funny. Why can't they just drink from a pan like we do at home. We sure had a good time. And we had ice cream too. Guess we were good boys & Mom becuse Dad said they are  happy that they were lucky enough to have adopted us from you.
            We Love You 
                    Gabriel & Champ

Hi Jim& Kathy Here are some pictures from our summer vacation in Wisconsin Dells. The grandkids sure liked us & when we got tired we took a nap in the camper. ( Pictures # 1 - 5). Mom & Dad check you website every Fri. nite. We hope the puppies all get a home and are as happy as we are. I am going to be one year on the 18 th & Gabriel will be 15 months on the 12 th. I weigh 67 lbs & Gabriel weighs 78 lbs. Hope you like the pictures. We love you. Gabriel 7 Champ from Wisconsin

Hi Jim & Kathy
    It's been awhile since we've sent pictures of our boys.
Thought you might enjoy these. Gabriel will be 17 months on Dec. 12,
his weight is 82 #. Champ will be 14 months on the 18 th of Dec. &
his weight is  74 #.
    They are the love of our lives. They are wherever we are and oh yes
they are definitely "lap dogs" but what a lap full. They will lay on top of 
each other as long as they can be on someone's lap. Their personalities
are very different. We call them the Beauty & The Beast. Gabriel is
very easy going, full of engergy & Champ is the boss and very lazy.
Gabriel can be chewing on a bone & Champ just walks over and takes it away.
No fight.
    Don't know what we'd do without them & we're so happy to have 2 of your
wonderful dogs.
    We check you web every Friday. Hope your little female finds a home soon.
No Christmas puppies this year?
            Your Friends from Wisconsin
                            Gabriel & Champ

Hi Jim &Kathy
    We finally got some new pictures of the boys. Gabriel is 20 months & Champ is 17 months. They are so wonderful. They keep us busy  & entertained every day. Thank you again for breeding such loving and friendly dogs. So many people stop to take a look at them when we have them out for a walk. We check you website about once a week to see what's new.
                    Friends From Wisconsin
                                Jim, Yvonne & Boys

Hi Jim & Kathy
    Thought you might enjoy the latest pictures of our boys. They are so much fun. They enjoy   their 2 mile walk everyday. They like tearing their stuffed animals apart.
    Their favorite food is chicken flavored Science Diet and of course we sprinkle a little broiled chicken on  top. They also like cooked vegetables. They get their ears cleaned and teeth brushed once a week and a bath once a month. Yes they are spoiled, happy & healthy and we love them to death.
            Friends From Wisconsin
                    Jim & Yvonne   
                            Gabriel & Champ
Pictures   Gabriel, 2 Years old July 12, 2006

Hi Jim & Kathy
    Hope all is going well for you guys. We see you have 3 pups left. We don't know what we would do without our boys, They keep us well entertained.   
    They are definitely lap dogs. (hanging over on both sides) The Dr. says each should lose about 6 #. Gabriel  is 90 #, Champ  is 77 #. Gabriel is built much like Buster. They get 1 - 1 1/2 mile walk every day. 
    So many people stop just to see them. They think that they look like a team of horses as they prance down the street side by side, They're beautiful. We love them & they love us.
    Thanks to you we have 2 wonderful dogs.
        Friends From Wisconsin
                Jim, Yvonne
                        Gabriel & Champ

  Hi Jim & Kathy
    Our boys are resting in the shade with Jim . It is outr 3 rd year in Texas. They are wonderful travelers and many people ask us if they are show dogs. They get alot of attention.
        Yvonne & Jim
            Gabriel & Champ

Merry Christmas 2008
Gabriel Doc 4 yrs on July 12
Champ Buster 4 yrs on Oct.18
Yvonne & Jim Reardon

Hi Jim & Kathy
    Mom is making cookies. Just maybe we'll get one. We're a little over weight because of family sickness we did'nt get alot of exercise this summer but that has changed. We are 6 years old now & love to be outside. We can't wait for Christmas but not going to Texas this year so we have jackets and mittens and will be walking in the snow.
    Gabriel & Champ

Hi Jim & Kathy
    We Celebrated our 7 th birthdays this year. Gabriel on 13 th July & Champ on Oct. 18 th. Our doctor says we're healthy but a little overweight. We walk about 2 miles a day. WE enjoy our bones from the meat market. Mom & Dad are so happy to have us to keep them young??
    Happy Thanksgiving!!
            Gabriel Doc
                Champ Buster

Merry Christmas

          Gabriel & Champ
     Yvonne & Jim Reardon


Hi Jim
    Our boys, Gabriel & Champ.
Gabriel, 10 years old 7- 12, & Champ 10 years old on 10-18.
They get a long walk 2 times a day 7 days a week.
Thank You for our healthy, happy Dogs
Jim & Yvonne Reardon

    We haven’t heard from you for awhile. Just wondering how the puppy sales are going. Gabriel & Champ are still healthy and go for 2 long walks with us and my rescue dog every day. People can’t believe that they will be 12 years  in July & Oct. Just thought you would like to know.
    Jim & Yvonne Reardon


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