Puppy Country Picture Gallery

If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.

He's a pretty awesome little dude!!! Ill send more pics when I get them. Thanks again!!!

Norman has settled in nicely. He's sleeping through the night (yay!). He's doing very well with the kennel training and house breaking (only 2 accidents in 1 week). He's a smart pup and learns quickly. It's such a pleasure to have a boxer in our family again. THANK YOU!


The puppy is Franz and our 22 month old is Fritz.  Good pup and very stubborn.  Up and down stairs already.  Only one potty accident in house so far.  Started ringing bell to go outside first day.  Sleeping all night without issue.


Lucia as been best addition to our family! Batman our shih tuzu likes her more everyday,  they love to chase each other and she loves to hide in my hostas and jump out!

 Lucia is doing great! She just had all her shots weighing in at 24.8lbs. She loves to be outside and bring sticks in from the woods and bandanas lol. She lives het puppy brother they play all day long, we live her thank you!