Puppy Country Picture Gallery

If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.

Hi James,
My name is Sharone and my wife Noreen and I are the proud parents of one of your boxers here in Boston. Tomorrow will be his 14th birthday. We looked you up online because we wanted to let you know how many years of love and happiness we have gotten from our beloved Benson. His AKC registered name is Vinzito Benzy but he has always been Benson to us.
I am attaching pictures of him to this email. He continues to be in remarkably good health for his age and we look forward to many more happy years with him!
Thank you!
Sharone Jona

                                                                                                                                                        Hi Jim & Kathy,

We would like to give you an update on Shadow (from Romeo & Wizards litter on 5-6-16)

Shadow is a very wonderful dog with a great personality. He is growing like a weed he gains about 8-10lbs a month and now weighs around 45 lbs. He sure does have the Boxer stubbornness sometimes and is very vocal once in a while when you tell him no. He learned the basics like sit, stay, shake, lay down, and roll over very fast it was very exciting to see, best of all he does not bark so many people compliment on that.

Almost every time I take him for a walk and pass someone I hear "ahh thats such a nice looking dog!" :)

He loved that duck you sent with him, he used to sleep with it all the time till one day he decided he wanted to beat the crap out of it and tear it up, Heather fixed it up a few times but now it might be beyond repair.  You were right about whoever gives him the most attention it will be there dog. Every time Heather leaves the room he sits by the gate and cries until she comes back,  there was one night he sat by the door and waited for Heather to get home from work as he is starting to learn the times when we come home. He also thinks he is her lap dog and still tries to get all 45 lbs of him on her lap.

We would like to thank you so much for the best addition to our family!

Corey & Heather


We named her Jamie. The boy is Kevin. They are getting along really well!   She is a tiny little flower next to him. She seems to be the size he was when we got him at 8wks. We are having so much fun with her!!!!







Jim and Kathy, wanted to let you know Roco had a great first week. He is getting along with our older dog. Thank you for taking good care of him.

The huerta family  

Thank you for bringing so much joy to our lives!!!
He sat like this for about 10 minutes!


Hi Guys - it's me Paxton!! I am getting so big!! I already weigh 39lbs and love to run, run, run all over the backyard! I hope I get to see you this summer!! Love Paxton ❤

Paxton is doing great. He is growing like a bean stock. He is not even 6 months old and he is 54lbs. You guys were rite he will be a big boy. Thank you again for giving this wonderful peace of life. There is never a dull moment with him. If it's ok we want to come visit this summer


Gus is going to be a big brother in October.! He's been the BEST puppy we could have asked for! He's already completed his 1st round of puppy classes. We are getting trained for our baby coming soon.


Hello Kathy and Jim,
We wanted to drop you a few lines and let you know that Max is doing great and fitting in well. We already love him with all our hearts and he has really taken to my husband. We are wondering how many deposits you have in your up coming litter as we are interested in getting another male so that Max has a little brother to play and grow old with. Please let us know of the chances.
Les and Brenda

About Max, he is doing so incredible!  He is getting so big and continues to amaze us.  He is completely house trained and knows the tricks of sit, shake, laydown and stay.  He also rings a bell we have attached to the door to let us know when he has to go to the bathroom....smartest dog we have ever seen.  We love him so much.  He are some recent pictures taken of him, he is such a BLESSING!!

Take care, we really look forward to hearing from you and picking out our Doc!
Les and Brenda


We just wanted to let you know that Jax is doing great! Here are a few pictures! ;)

He is a very sweet, snuggly little guy. We are working on potty training and he is doing well (better with #1 than #2). He loves the kids and all their friends - he plays hard and then sleeps hard.

Have a great weekend!

The Martin's

Tilda is doing great!! She is such a sweetheart and a total goof ball. I love watching her play and how quickly she learns.

Tilda is an absolute joy to be around. She has such a great personality, loves every human and dog she meets. Training is going well, she likes learning new things. Her favorite things to do are playing, watching birds and snuggling. Here are a couple of my favorite pics!!
Thanks, Ka

Tilda is just over 9 months ago now and is doing really well. She makes me laugh every day, such a happy and spunky personality. Here are some pictures of her.

Thank you, Katie K.

Thank you so much for keeping us informed with pups I just love this little girl we named Jersey!

   Go Pack Go!  Jason Polzin

Hi Kathy,

Heres a few pictures from when we picked her up until now. Shes doing so well, eating, sleeping, going for walks, and playing. We named her Gracie! Once again thank you so much!!!!

Nikki Mangialino

Just wanted to share some recent pictures! Shes been doing great. So friendly and playful we love her thank you once again!

Nikki Mangialino

Just a huge thank you, for our little guy! He's so loved by all, especially hi s big brother!!
Thanks again !

Lily everett

Louie's getting big! He's 22 pounds at 14 weeks. He's such a good boy and he's very smart as well.
Thanks again for the wonderful dog!

Louie is 6 months old today, Sep. 16, 2017. He's growing fast and has lots of energy! He is a very good boy and likes to cuddle, when he finally gets tired. Thanks again for the wonderful dog.

Good evening,

We can't thank you enough for our puppy! We named him Blaze. He has done amazing! He is so smart and catches on so fast. He has done such an amazing job with potty training and goes outside every time. He has gone for a few walks already and even learned how to climb stairs. He's not such a fan of going down yet ha ha!! He also has learned his name and comes when he is called. Such a smart little guy. Again, we thank you. He is such a blessing to our family.

Thanks again!


I thought I would send you some updated pictures of Blaze. We truly love this little guy. He is so smart and such a great addition to our family. He just loves his brothers! ��