Puppy Country Picture Gallery

If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.


I just wanted to give you an update on one of your puppies from your October 1st litter.  This is Nash.  I believe you called him Dot because of the circular marking on his back. I've had him for about two and a half months now and I can't imagine life without him anymore!! He's developing more and more of a personality every day and anyone who comes in contact with him falls in love immediately. He's already 35 pounds and growing by the minute I swear haha. I just wanted to thank you for all the time and care you put into him before I got him :)

Hi there!
Just wanted to let you know Murphy had a wonderful first day and is adjusting very well. Will keep you posted and thank you very much, he is a great addition to our loving home!
Thanks again Chris, Amanda, Haley, Ava and of course Murphy!

Hey Guys,

Wanted to send you guys some pictures. The first few days have been great. We've been home a lot barely leaving her by herself. Wants to send you guys some pictures from the last day or two.

Just wanted I send a picture to you guys after this guys fist week home! We named him Sig!
He has transitioned perfectly and is so absolutely wonderful! We just love him so much!!
Thank you guys so much!!!
Neil and alicia Delaney

Lola is 7 months old now she loves to play and is the friendliest dog ever! Here are some pictures


Hello Jim and Kathy, we wanted to share some pictures of our puppy and his fur siblings Buster and Boo , we decided to call him Bucky after we got him home. The name we picked before just did not fit his silly personality !!! We are all loving him bunches, and he is a very smart young man !!! Thank you so much !! We will keep sending you pics and updates on our awesome boxer family !! Take care !!

Guy and Kim

Buster , Boo & Bucky

Hey  we named are puppy Dozer.  He has been great.  We ran into anther dog that she also got from you guys.  Her name is Annie after her mom.  Crazy small world!!

Thought you might like to see your pup. This is Hank! He has been such a blessing to our family

Hi Jim
Thanks for meeting us, we got home just before midnight.
No problem at the border.

Naming the puppy Jackson" and he seems to be settling in very well so far

Hey Jim & Kathy

Just thought we'd let you know Ozzy is doing great!!! He is a very very active little guy, already loves playing fetch but I think his favorite thing to do is cuddling with Mom on the couch. We just had him to the vet for his boosters and they said he's the nicest looking boxer they've seen ☺ He weighs just under 25 lbs. We can't thank you enough, he's been a wonderful addition to our family. He's a very loved little guy.

Thanks again, Lee & Mike

We just wanted to say Happy Holidays. Ozzy enjoyed his 1st Christmas very much. He's certainly a growing boy, he just turned 6 months old and is already 52 lbs.

Just wanted to drop you a quick little  note to let you know Ozzy is a very happy, energetic & extremely loved not so little 2 year old. In September he weighed in at 79 lbs, his vet says he's the best looking boxer he's had come thru his office & looks forward to seeing him start to fill out. Thanks again we can't imagine our family without him ��

We named him Moe. He is by far the cutest puppy around. It hasn't even been a full week and we already are so in love. He is such a sweet boy, and SO smart! He LOVES to snuggle and be anywhere we are. Also loves to play with a squeaky dumbbell like toy we got him. He is just precious. We can't thank you enough. He is adjusting to his new home quite well I'd say. Pictures are provided below for proof. :)

Update on Moe, he was born 12/12/15,
Moe is the best dog ever. He is the biggest lover and constantly wants to be near us. He's a giant lap dog, and the biggest snuggle bug ever. He LOVES walks and chasing the birds. We are so in love, and couldn't imagine life without our wiggle butt. Here are a few pictures! Hope you're both doing well!

Matt, Chelsey, and Moe

Hello! Just sending you a couple photos of Maude :)
She's adjusting just fine: terrorizing the cat, snuggling, and playing with ALL her toys in between naps. Just trying to figure out the potty training strategy since it's so cold out.