Puppy Country Picture Gallery

If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.


Hi Kathy & Jim-

We purchased puppy #3 from a liter that Spud & Maggie had 4 years ago this coming March. It is hard to believe that our Alvin will be 4 in March, I am really not sure where the time has gone.

Nicole Veech



Jim and Kathy:
Just wanted to Thank You so much for our baby girl. Her name is Roxy May ( Roxy May V per the AKC) and we are so in LOVE. She is AWESOME! Here are a few picture's of her at her new home. We feel so blessed. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years!
Much Tanks-
Todd and Rosey


Roxy May 8 mos old. She is such a beautiful boxer. She is so loving and full of energy. We love her and are so happy to have her in our family.
Todd, Rosey, Logan and Morgan

Roxy May is now 1 yr 2 months. Parent's Spud and Maggie. She is so
smart, beautiful and we could not live without her! Happy Holidays!

Thanks- Todd and Rosey

Here are the girl's together. Roxy 1 yr and Jade 10 weeks we all just loves her.

Thanks Rosey and Todd

Here are some updated pictures of Roxy May 1 yr 4 mos and Miss Lady Jade 4 mos. They are so fun to watch play and wrestle. They get along so wonderful. Jade will be much bigger than Roxy we think. She is bigger than Roxy was at each vet visit. We love our girl's and are so thankful we found you guy's. Best thing we could of done for Roxy was bring her a sister!!
Thank you~ Todd, Rosey, Logan and Morgan Thompson

Hello, Just wanted to drop you a few picture's of our girl's. Roxy
May, the Water Dog 1 yr 6 mos and Miss Lady Jade, the beutiful. They
are heappy and healthy and for some reason love the snow! Take care
and hope all is well.

Todd, Rosey, Logan and Morgan


Roxy and Jade Halloween 2013


Roxy and Jade Happy Holidays 2014



    I have had Buckley for over a month now.  He is such a beautiful and amazing puppy.  He got along with our cats immediately.  One of my cats prefers sleeping with him over anyone else.  He is so playful and loving!  He has had 2 classes in puppy training and the instructor has complimented him on his sweet demeanor with other people.  She actually suggested that I look into certifying him as a therapy dog!  He is an absolute sweetheart and I want to thank you because I know he came from an excellent place where he was cared for and loved before he came to me. 

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Ali Blacker






Here's a photo for you.  He was 13.2 pounds when we got him.  He has his first vet appt today.  Will have a new weight then.

Kind Regards,




They are taking their first nap together. Thank you!
Tim and Annette


Hello there! Happy New Year! Here are some pics of the baby girl! She is so good and why a little mush ! She knows how to sit stay give paw and down already. House training is still in the works but she's doin pretty good ! We love her !


Here's Betty! I got the chance to babysit for my parents today - she's a handful! 42 pounds of love:)
Thanks for such a wonderful puppy
Ali Knutsen

He has been so much fun and he just loves to play with everyone, but he loves to play with my parents two other boxers the most! You were not kidding when you said he was one of the larger ones he is not even 6months yet and he is about 55lbs! He is happy and healthy and he really cannot control his licker!!! He loves to give kisses to everyone. Thank you again for such a great dog!