Puppy Country Picture Gallery

If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.


  Hey Jim and Kathy- Sorry we havent sent you any updates on our puppy Chloe that we got from you in November, but here are some pictures of the two dogs togther! They are best friends! I dont think they could live without each other! Thanks again we really love havingher in our family!
-Amber and Billy Crowther


Here is a picture of Moose and Tillman meeting Walter for the first time.

                                                                     Our Christmas picture, Jim, Kathy, Walter and Moose.

Walter and Moose both have a pillow.
Walter's favorite chair!

Getting old sucks!

 Hi Jim & Kathy – Just thought I would send you a picture of GUS. He is growing so fast. Thanks again.

Jessica Fowler

Hi Guys, Just thought I would send pictures from our summer. As you can see, Gus loves to go fishing with us. He starts to whine if we don’t catch them fast enough. He also was such a good boy watching fireworks. He slept through most of them but occasionally one would make him pop his head up. He and the cat just pretend not to like each other. He is such a love as Kathy would say. Thank you so much! Take Care!


Sorry we haven't taken the time to send a picture yet.  This is puppy#5 of Rocky and Madison.  Her name is Rocki.  She has brought us much enjoyment.  Such a big part of the family.  Very well mannered puppy.  She just finished puppy kindergarten a couple weeks ago.  She was easier to train than any of the dogs there.  Already 45lbs.  Big girl.  She just loves other dogs but gets REALLY excited if she sees another boxer!  They get excited about her too.
Jamie Eslinger

Dear Jim and Kathy,
I just wanted to send a little note again.  It has almost been a year now since we picked up Rocki.  She has been such a joy in our lives.  She is a perfect dog in every way.  We always get comments on what a beautiful boxer she is.  A good cuddler too!  She is spoiled but not rotten.  Thank you so much!  I hope everything is well with you.
The Eslinger Family


Dear Jim & Kathy,
We bought our beloved Macho on 12/26/07 and are very happy with him.  We even recommended you to our friends who bought a girl last September (Elizabeth Ziegler).  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.


Hello!  We are enjoying our dog, Dozer so much!  attached is a recent photo! :D  He is 3 now- what a great dog!!   Thanks so much!!
Mona and Kurt Hjerpe


My name is Sara Campbell. I bought Dakota from you guys in 2006.
I have been meaning to write you for a while.
Just wanted to let you know that she is just the greatest dog! We all love her so much.
She loves to chase stuff, she's great at frisby, and even puts up with me dressing her up all the time.
I'm going to attach some recent pictures.
Everyone always compliments me on how pretty she is. I am so happy that I found her on your website,
it was love at first sight .
Sara and Dakota

                                                        Tallulah in the backyard, 6.01.09.

A picture of Tallulah at 7 months

Here's Looking at you

James and Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know that Bogart is well, just shy of 15 pounds, and gets along very well with Tallulah.  They must know they are related because they were fast friends right away!  He is really sweet!!!
  We photographed him the first Sunday home but not since.  Attached are the pictures. 

Thanks and take care!