Puppy Country Picture Gallery

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If you have a special picture of one of our pups, please share it, e mail me and I will post it.
                 BING                                                                                                 ALEX
                                                              Bing is such a good dog! He takes a lot from our 2 year old.

            DOBBS  7 Week                                  DOBBS     11 Months
Hello, my name is Matt Leonetti and I bought this wonderful boxer from you almost a year ago and I just thought you would like to see how well he turned out. The first pic was taken right after x-mas and the second was about a week after I brought him home from you.   Thank you for such a great dog!  Oh by the way I named him Dobbs and you would be proud to know that my vet has told me he is the best looking and healthiest boxer she has seen. He is 11 months old this month and doing great, he is a little crazy but my best friend.

Thank you!  Matt Leonetti

      DOBBS  3years

Hi! Three years ago we bought a puppy  from you  and we named him Dobbs, Just thought we would drop a line and let you know how he is doing!  While he is a little bit crazy and kind of klutzy dobbs is the best dog a family can ask for!  He's very cuddly and lovable and though he is anything but little anymore he still likes to pretend he is a lap dog! We consider him another person in our family and couldn't imagine life without him!  His favortie pastimes include chasing (and occaisionally capturing) squirrels and playing with stuffed animals.  He absolutely loves going for walks and is very curious about everything, though he is a bit of a scardy dog when it comes to fire hydrants and drainage grates! Dobbs is very much a boxer, he loves to mock fight and always knows just how much he can play without hurting anyone, He loves children and is very gentle and calm around them. Our vet says that while dobbs is very big for a boxer (130 pounds,  30 inches from the top middle of his back to the ground while standing, and approximately 35 inches from the middle of his chest to his rump, and he was the runt of the litter!)  he is also very healthy.  Everyone who knows dobbs thinks he is the biggest cuddlebug ever!  We love him so much and can't thank you enough for bringing this beautiful boxer into our  


                                                                                                  Dear Jim and Kathy,
         I purchased Luke( I now call him Duke) about a year ago when he was 4 months old(he had the goofy looking ears). He is out of Tzar and Charlie's Baby, born Dec 2000. I had his ears cropped shortly after. You were right Kathy, it is quite the task. He's has that typical clownish boxer attitude and loves anyone willing to pet him. Loves to terrorize my Olde Bulldogge Red in his free time until he gets put back in his place. I also had no problem with training. Crate training, house training, heeling, all basic obediance, playind dead, no problem. Very smart dog. I have attached 2 pics of him and 1 of my bulldogge.
                      Thanks, Wayne Seehafer

Bodie 5 months old
Bodie adopted Kim and Randall VanCleave, he even lets them sleep with him.


Hi Jim and Kathy!
This is our pride and joy, Boscoe.  I sent you two pics, one is the usual Boscoe on the couch after a long day of running, jumping and throwing his toys in the air.  The other is one of Boscoe hamming it up in front of the Christmas tree.  He is a Tzar/Baby pup from 06-30-2002, now just under 6 months.  He lives with his parents, Kim and Mike of Hudson WI who work overtime to spoil him.  His biggest problem is that he will never be a watch dog unless the intruder is afraid of being kissed!  He loves everybody.  Thanks for a great dog.


I am emailing you a picture of our puppy that we adopted from you back in July, she is from the June 8, 2002 litter of Jasmine and Buddy, we love her to death! her name is Jada.. she is now 7 months old. We can never thank you enough for bringing her into our lives! thanks again..
Erin & Jason  
                                          Hi Kathy!
I just wanted to email you to send you a photo of Jada, our boxer that we adopted through you in 2002! She turned 10 years old today, and we are so happy that we made the choice to go through you guys! She is such a good girl, and very healthy which means a lot to us!
 And couldn’t be any healthier for a 10 year old pup! (her mom and dad were Buddy and Jasmine).
Thank you again for what you do!
(the cake was a little bitter I think, so she made this silly face in the photo.. but I think maybe she was smiling for the camera!)


Here's a picture of our two "babies".  Duchess was born 6-30-02.  Her parents are Baby and Tzar.  Cali was born 12-10-01.  Her parents are Shiloh and Tzar.  They are the best of friends and love to play.  Thank you for two wonderful dogs!
Charlie and Ellen Larson


Here is a picture of our boy. He is a great addition to the family. Kathy you were right about the two boys getting along. Riley is like a mother hen to Brody. We are very pleased and our local vet was impressed with your shot record as well as the de worming that you did. I will send you pictures periodically of him. 

What's up?
I attached some recent photos for your website of novella we bought from
you. She's doing great she gained 11 lbs in the last 2 months. she now
wiegh's 47lbs. thank you for giving us such a great dog. We
couldn't live without her.
Best regards,
Jason & amanda   New York

lsabell.jpg - 22977 Bytes
Just wanted to send you a picture of Isabella, she has gotten so big. We love her so much....

Here is Beau at 14-15 weeks old....

Kathy and James

It has been awhile since I have sent any new pics of Beau...he was born 1/12/03 to my Peaches and Rocky.
...my african grey parrots had babies also so there is a pic of Beau kissing a 3 week old baby.  Thanks

Beau is a hero. On June 7th I was on my way home from work and received a call from a neighbor  and was told that my bedroom was on fire, my boyfriend was in an ambulance, Beau and the parrots were in the backyard. My boyfriend is disabled and is on oxygen 24/7 he was sleeping took off the nasal canular  and held the tubing in his hand, they are not sure what sparked the fire, something electrical and the oxygen fueled it. Beau started pouncing on his chest and barking to wake him up and he succeeded, the box spring was already in flames, after pushing the fire button on the alarm panel he  turned off the AC, the oxygen, closed all the doors  and got them both downstairs(its a townhouse in a complex) and they both made it out. My boyfriend did burn his hand  and the tubing melted to it :( but Beau wasn't injured...he was quite upset for days.  And to this day will not leave our sides at home. Its been a tough road to get back in the place with so much damage, luckily only upstairs but we are back home  and he is back to himself, just more protective  than ever :-)
Just thought I would share with you what an amazing boy he is. Of course everyone is so proud of him, he gets prezzies from the pet stores, friends  and his groomer. I tell everyone about my hero, Beau. To us he was always a hero and we have spoiled since the day we got him from you!
Orolea Koonan        2011
BEAU 1012


tyson5.jpg - 26772 Bytes  tyson6.jpg - 14791 Bytes
Here are some pictures of Tyson. Everything is going well and he is an awesome and very smart (not good sometimes) dog.